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Empower yourself everyday!

My first boss spoke these very words to me after being in the nail industry for 9 months...

"You will never become anything in the nail industry. You suck at nails." 

That is the empowerment I needed. What will be your moment be in order for you to take your life further than you could ever imagine? 

Empowerment classes help you define the areas you need to improve on whether it be personally, professionally or a combination of both. I believe in you. Do you believe in you?

My classes are catered to what you need. So consider the following areas and questions and we can develop a class for you. 

1. No way! Gift certificate method that triples your return.
2. Stop doing this now! Why doing free hand massages will not add one client to your schedule.
3. What have you done for me lately? Paying it forward to your community.
4. Spend less, receive more. How to spend less in marketing and receiving more than you ever imagined.

Psychology/Personal growth-
1. Is it time? Clients behaving badly, how to handle difficult clients.
2. How to "unzip" yourself. Ways to handle what you hear all day.
3. What you pay attention to grows. How to stay positive in any salon environment.
4. Suicide and Abuse recognition. Is your client venting or is it more?
5. I am the victim here! Steps to take to stop being the victim.
6. Do you know what she said? Stop gossiping, even when you think you are not.
7. Warning, No drama zone! Stop in-salon drama.

1. Are you set up for success or failure? Step by step to being a better organized business owner.
2. What do you expect? How to set expectations/goals for yourself and others.
3. What am I worth? How to set up pricing for yourself.
4. Building your temple. Get ready to build your reputation and business ethics.
5. Is it in me? Steps to starting your own nail business.
6. Retention...are you paying attention? Why paying attention to retention is so important.

Are you looking for a presenter for a large group, salon meeting or function? Jeri is available for whatever your group needs. Contact her for pricing and availability. 

Jeri Mallow

[email protected]    262-305-0543

Whatever you pay attention to grows....what are you growing today?

If did what everyone else did, if I thought like how everyone else thought, I would be where everyone else is and that is not the path I have set out for myself. 

I share stories of failure so others can grow. I share stories of courage so others can gain strength. I share stories of hitting rock bottom mentally so others can see I am still standing and loving the nail industry and that it is a PRIVILEGE, not a right, to be in this professional.  

My mission is to create an atmosphere where every nail tech I meet remembers to believe in her/himself when no one else will.