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You can believe in yourself!

A career in the nail industry is life changing! With a certificate in manicuring your world as you know it can change for the better. At our academy, we provide our students with all the skills and knowledge to take your nail career to the ultimate level of success and professionalism.

Our main goal is to provide you with an exceptional education in every aspect of the nail industry. To arm you with complete knowledge of safety and sanitation, laws and regulations, proper procedures and habits that will adhere you to all of the standards of a professional manicurist, as set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional services.


Our mission, our goal, our objective:

The mission of our academy is to guide you and provide the highest level of education in the nail industry in all aspects of this career so that you, the student, may become an exceptional licensed nail technician.


Our goal is to provide a solid, multi level education starting from the basic to the advanced so that our graduates become respected professionals and an outstanding addition to the nail industry.


Our objective of our educational programs is to teach every subject so that the student not only understands but masters the subject. We will continuously challenge our students yet reinforce the positive nature of education. We are here to grow as individuals and will be respected as such. We are committed to the equality of equal educational opportunity and do not discriminate against applicants, students or our employees based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability. 


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